Here at MWV Mobile Vet, we are always looking for ways to de-stress your pet and make their visits easier on them. A few simple ways we have seen a success are:

1. Not feeding your pet the morning of their home visit so they are hungry and get easily distracted by the treats we have on hand (this also helps us get a more accurate test result on some blood tests)
2. Use a “clipnosis” clip on cats that gently grabs the scruff of the neck that mimics a mothers grasp, helping release endorphins that help with relaxation
3. Use an endorphin spray on ourselves as well as the comfy flannels to help cats relax
4. Use calm and quiet voices and movements as to not startle your pet

We are constantly trying new things and ideas on how to keep your pet calm and relaxed during a time that can be very stressful on you and your pet alike. To learn more please visit the following link, The Fearful, Anxious, & Worried Pet.